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Farmer Market Finest Fresh Fruits for Winter

December 21, 2010

Kiwi fruit

I often thought that “freshness” has got to do with the texture, until now. Last week I went to my fortnight ritual of tracking down fresh fruit and vegetable from the local farm market. I met a farmer who told me that fresh means unique  flavor. Trust me just spend a wonderful spree at the outdoor market and I guarantee you to find something rare and fresh. Take the first bite of succulent fruit and your taste buds will be relishing in satisfaction.

Kiwi Fruit land

What, really captured my attention were these freshly cut dull brown-green skin fruit. Charging to them at once, I asked what are those. The reply was Kiwi fruit, this was my first introduction to this delicious fruit. He picked one from the box, slit the thing into half and offered to me. Flabbergastingly, I savored each morsel of ripen kiwifruit . Tender, sweetness

Serve Kiwi Fruits to Children

of the flesh, the slight crunchy seed gives it distinctively unlike flavor. I bought 2 kg of them rite away.

You can enjoy this special treat for a longer time. It was my utmost curiosity to share this exotic fruit with my friends and family. So I created an enticing fruit salad and offered to my group. They were just pouring good word and love to me. One

Himalays spring water

of them picked the tiny morsel of Kiwi and said “hey what’s this, omg it taste’s like something different”. My work was done, these green velvety fruit made

Kiwi Cake

our day.  My mother called me and said the fruit was just mouthwatering.

Do you know the hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh are home to fruit trees laden with kiwi. Lush green fields sated with fresh kiwi orchards are a trekker’s delight. The fruit grown in the orchard are harvested from the springs arising form the Himalayas. Leave the super market for once, visit the local markets or fresh fruit store that offer fresh exotic local fruits and relish these savories.

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