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About Us

SHIMLA HILLS OFFERINGS PVT LTD., The Company has established itself as one of the Prime suppliers and exporters of Processed Fruit Products across the world. With its focus to Global Industries, processed fruit products, canned and aseptically packaged, the company has linked India’s best fruit Hubs to the global Industry. The company has also achieved, one of its kind, a strong backward integration and a large captive farming, for Organic & normal fruits, to ensure year round fruit supplies to its Plants and therefore, ensuring continuous processing while maintaining the quality norms at its best.

All products are produced at state-of-the-art processing units located at very hubs of best quality fruits in India’s North-East and states of Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Kerala. All these Plants adhere to strict global quality standards and follow Global Management & ICT controls.

Shimla Hills Agro products varies  from Fruits as Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Mango, Guava, Pomegranate & Gooseberry, such as; Fruits Juices, Pulps, Purees, Concentrates in Canned and aseptic packaging; Canned Fruits in syrups or Juices, High value Spices like Turmeric, King Chilies & Ginger; the company has been serving the Industry with a high quality product in the safest packaging material having a-plus physiological and chemical characteristics at Globally competitive prices.

It carries all the required quality certifications, like the HACCP, BRC, ISO and Organic Certifications for some of its products. The superior quality product reaches to the customer in the safest packaging material. Aseptic bags in drums and cans used by us, are of certified quality and safety which helps maintaining the physiological, chemical and most importantly, microbiological parameters of the product unchanged and intact till the product is opened and used.

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  1. Parul permalink
    January 22, 2010 9:02 pm

    Hi, do you export fruits from India to US .Thankyou.

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