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Tamarind – A real flavour of India

March 9, 2011

Dahi Bhalla

Papdi chat, pani puri, dahi bhala, sev puri, aloo tikki their names are enough to tingle our taste buds. Ask anyone who has grown up or lived in india, especially women and they will swear by the taste of this wayside delicacy and will have a tale to tell you with a glitter in their eye. Road-side street food stalls has always been a favorite place for people of all ages. One can wait for an hour or more to enjoy this mouthwatering retreat. The common thing in these delicious delicacy is the use of tamarind chutney that gives it a lip-smacking flavor.

Tamarind or imli, a fruit with which every one must be familiar from their

Pani Puri

 childhood. Most of the memory remains intact as i ponder the days of my puerility, when my grand mother told me how this common indian spice can create a unique flavour in recipes. Very true, I can still feel that tart smell and wondeful tangy taste of tamarind in dahi bhalla, pani puri and aloo tikki being served at the road side stalls.

Pani Puri Stall

Its chatpata taste seem to run magic on you. You might have enjoyed the tasty tamarind pickles or chutney while having a great Indian lunch. But it’s not that you include tamarind in your daily diet just to add flavor to your food, the comportment of vital nutrients in tamarind has confer medicinal values to the fruit. My mother use to boil a small chunk of tamarind pulp in water that helped me relieve myself from sore throat and it also helps strengthen the immune system and protect against cold.

She always told me to practice good hygiene while preparing or eating food. But sometime i wonder, does these street food vendors practices hygienic


 measures and does it provide the same nutritional value of tamarind as in my mom’s recepies. Or is there any easy alternative to incorporate tamarind in our daily food habits, without the fuss of removing the seeds and soaking it for long time to use it at home.

Tamarind Pulp

After a momentary analysis i got to know that, this highly beneficial indian spice is quite popular worldwide and is exported not only in fresh form but now leading food manufacturing industries like Shimla Hills is processing this wonderful fruit into pulp and juice concentrates using modern production technologies to hygienically produce high-quality product that retains its nutritional value also. And it can easily be assimilated in the preparation of drinks, confectionary, sea foods and a range of cuisines.


Farmer Market Finest Fresh Fruits for Winter

December 21, 2010

Kiwi fruit

I often thought that “freshness” has got to do with the texture, until now. Last week I went to my fortnight ritual of tracking down fresh fruit and vegetable from the local farm market. I met a farmer who told me that fresh means unique  flavor. Trust me just spend a wonderful spree at the outdoor market and I guarantee you to find something rare and fresh. Take the first bite of succulent fruit and your taste buds will be relishing in satisfaction.

Kiwi Fruit land

What, really captured my attention were these freshly cut dull brown-green skin fruit. Charging to them at once, I asked what are those. The reply was Kiwi fruit, this was my first introduction to this delicious fruit. He picked one from the box, slit the thing into half and offered to me. Flabbergastingly, I savored each morsel of ripen kiwifruit . Tender, sweetness

Serve Kiwi Fruits to Children

of the flesh, the slight crunchy seed gives it distinctively unlike flavor. I bought 2 kg of them rite away.

You can enjoy this special treat for a longer time. It was my utmost curiosity to share this exotic fruit with my friends and family. So I created an enticing fruit salad and offered to my group. They were just pouring good word and love to me. One

Himalays spring water

of them picked the tiny morsel of Kiwi and said “hey what’s this, omg it taste’s like something different”. My work was done, these green velvety fruit made

Kiwi Cake

our day.  My mother called me and said the fruit was just mouthwatering.

Do you know the hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh are home to fruit trees laden with kiwi. Lush green fields sated with fresh kiwi orchards are a trekker’s delight. The fruit grown in the orchard are harvested from the springs arising form the Himalayas. Leave the super market for once, visit the local markets or fresh fruit store that offer fresh exotic local fruits and relish these savories.

Ginger a Versatile Yummy Spicy Treat

September 17, 2010
Fresh Ginger

Fresh Ginger

Ginger consumed in any form is holistic for ones health. This flavor enhancing fruit vegetable( i never knew it was) is favorite among foodies all over the world. Its anti flammatory properties make it a extremely versatile root. After a long week of partying out, we friend vouched to stay at home. The single professional life takes a toll on health, detoxifying oneself was the mission. Detoxifying massage of the inner seance with Ginger oil and cooking of a rare delicacy

Homemade Ginger oil

Homemade Ginger oil

with Ginger was truly enlivening.

Back to work next week my mind was intrigued on how effective Ginger is. I asked a friend of mine who married an organic farmer to take me to their land. A tour to the farm was purely entertaining and educating, the measures taken while growing organic farming believe me are very task worthy. He told me the best organic ginger in India come from Kerala, the lemon like flavor Ginger is considered a rare delicacy.

Ginger Farm

Ginger Farm

I received tender and juicy fresh ginger from the farm on the weekend as a treasured gift form them. It was time for me to open an old cook book and innovate it with ginger. While cooking I noticed that fresh ginger has a wonderful aroma and its pungent piquancy as cooked tantalizes taste buds. I made dishes and asked friends to come over, they just loved the delicacies i cooked.Ginger has significant stimulants that make it popular in Ayurveda usage. The human body need a plentiful antibodies, regular intake of ginger is utile. Sliced as

Ginger Bread

Ginger Bread

garnish on dishes, preserved incorporated in essences or used a culinary spice Ginger is unique factor.

Next time you are going to buy Ginger just remember these hand-picked savory are a bundle of healthy good living.



April 12, 2010

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Processed Fruit Products Embodies Peak of Nutrients

April 11, 2010
mother and daughter

mother and daughter

As a mother of a young toddler, I think it is very important to introduce fruits to children in an innovative way. The best time to teach healthy fruit eating habits in a toddler is during those early impressionable years. Choosing a diet full of fresh or processed fruits can give your child an opportunity to enjoy the variety of wonderful and nutritious fruits. My 4 year old daughter has numerous friends in her play school. I often notice during play dates that children tend to become picky and fussy eaters thus lacking sufficient nutrition in their diet. Eating unhealthy food during childhood has lead to a number of other health related issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. According to a research parents or family members are the ones who expose their kids to fast food. Fast food depleted diet contain more calories and less of nutrition.

I followed these essential tips and insured healthy eating habits in my daughter thus helping her to grow slimmer, beautiful and built a defensive immune system.

  • I ensure not to use fruit or food as a reinforcing means on my children. I educate them in a fun interactive way
    fresh fruits

    fresh fruits

    that fruits help them to grow stronger and provide energy while playing.

  • I introduced fruit to my daughter in fresh and processed form like pineapple, apple, pear, pomegranate, papaya, cheery, apricot, peach, mango, guava and banana which can be consumed as fresh or in form of juice, pulp or canned.
  • Breakfast is an important meal for a child as it upstart the metabolisms in the child’s body. I make a point to include fresh fruits or shakes/ juice as it contains ample amount of protein, vitamin and provide energy till lunch.
  • On a chore chart I have drawn a time table and follow it strictly. This helps me to feed her at appropriate intervals and bring a creative side in me as I create new delicious recipes for her using processed fruit.
  • fruit shake

    fruit shake

    She like munching so I keep plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in hand. During play dates I make a rainbow of fruits salad for her and her friends.

  • While eating no T.V. as her concentrating is more on the program then her plate. If you don’t want to teach them the habit of leftovers food then make sure while eating they sit in kitchen or dining area.
  • fruit juice

    fruit juice

    When my child is at home I always take her along with me for grocery shopping and allow her to choose healthy items for meals. She always brag among her friends that she makes the decision on what to be cooked as she does the shopping.

  • In the kitchen garden I and my daughter grow organic fruit. This educates her where certain fruit come from and
    organic fruit garden

    organic fruit garden

    teaches her a lesson on responsibility since a garden requires regular attention. An activity like this generates compassion and care in her nature.

  • Our family is not all finicky when it comes to eating healthy food as we all know that maintain a healthy and balanced approach while eating food is important.
  • Teach them the importance of exercise.

Develop these healthy fruit eating habits to ensure your children get the variety of fruit and nutrients they need to grow into healthy adults.

Shimla Hills Exhibiting at Food Arabia 2010

April 1, 2010
Saudi Arabia Jeddah

Saudi Arabia Jeddah

Shimla Hills Offering Pvt Ltd will be participating in the 15th international food & beverage trade fair showcasing in stall No 569 at Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events, Saudi Arabia from 16 May to 19 May 2010.  A platform such as Food Arabia 2010 exists to enhance and support the vision of Agro fruit processed exporters like ShimlaHills. We are all prepared to exhibit our line of processed fruit and vegetable products like Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fruit Pulps & Purees, Fruit Juice and Canned Fruits & Vegetables at food trade fair. Attending event like these will improve our growth worldwide. Middle East provides unparalleled investment



opportunity, and this will help ShimlaHills to become modernized and grow as largest fruit processing industry from India.

Food Arabia 2010 will generate new partners and customers for ShimlaHills, as this event is expected to be participated by over 280 exhibitors and 15,000 trade visitors from more than 23 countries. This exhibition will pave paths for products to the market & enables suppliers as well as buyers to react quickly to development opportunities in both mature and emerging markets. Shimla Hills is dedicated to provide superior processed fruit product to its buyers. We at ShimlaHills are all set to explore new markets and launch new products.

Fruit Juice Concentrate

Fruit Juice Concentrate

Our main emphasis to exhibit at this exhibition is to meet all the distributors, suppliers and importers. We are venturing new markets, diversifying our products and acquainting ourselves to the future clients at this annual event. Shimla Hills has recently paved its mark, as a largest supplier of processed fruit and vegetable products from India, at the recent Gulf Food 2010 Exhibition.

ShimlaHills Rediscovered its Potential in Gulfood 2010 Exhibition

March 17, 2010
ShimlaHills Exhibit

ShimlaHills Exhibit

Last minute checking, continuously going through my list of task, talking breathlessly to an important importer were some of the last chores I now recall, while I was boarding my long flight to Dubai. My destination Dubai where ShimlaHills was set participates at the Gulfood 2010, at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC). The preparation to partake in the exhibition was planned way before hand and I must say it did genuinely pave a great help in the execution to the aim. This was our latter experience, as ShimlaHills had visited the Gulfood Exhibition organized last year. Our experience, expectation, knowledge and market value has gained a tremendous growth since we last exhibited at Gulfood 2009.





As I reached Dubai, for a moment I am startled to see the change brought about in just one year. The high sky scraping buildings, the ambiance, hospitality, lets not even start talking about the shopping spree are some of the reasons that does make Dubai a traveler’s paradise. No wonder participation at Gulfood exhibition is considered a fantabulous idea. Therefore we feel proud associated with such a grand and well lavished exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated from 21 February to 24 February 2010. I reached with the team two days earlier so that products to be displayed were ready, the stand and exhibits had to be decorated. Our mantra was less clutter, display of products on an ideal platter, perfect displays of brochures and application of informative graphics on the back.

ShimlaHills team

ShimlaHills team

On 21 February Gulfood was inaugurated, our exhibit was ready to take charge and make this as fruitful as much as we could. The new improved agro processed products included Totapuri and Alphonso Mango Pulp, fruit juice concentrates, fruit puree concentrates, fruit pulp/puree and fruit juices. Exotic fruit like passion fruit juice concentrate were also displayed. The visitors started to pour in, our team taking care of every query coming our way. The second day was same as the first potential visitors came pouring our stall. This kind of exposure on the international front helped us aim our products and promote its marketing in Gulf region. The products displayed by ShimlaHills are used for various applications like sauce, desserts, candy, ice-cream, sherbet, icing and filling for cake, pie, milkshake, fruit breads, tarts, cold fruit soup, yogurts, puddings, and in cocktails. Third and last day consecutively proved profitable as our existing customers brought along new business ventures. Last hours of the event was like icing of the cake.

products on display

products on display

Interaction with esteemed visitors

Interaction with esteemed visitors

The four days spend at the exhibition by ShimlaHills made us believe that we are here to stay for long and increase our level of success. Well we are often enlightened by our boss that a well run exhibition is an excellent way to meet a high number of customers and prospects. I think the highlight of attending this fair was the interaction face to face with the valued customer in a short span of time. As one of the leading exporter of agro processed fruit products in India, we guaranteed you with great enthusiasm that this is just the beginning of promising future.